Oil Change

Oil Change

At Subaru of Lethbridge, we have an all-make service lane. Regardless of your vehicle brand, you can take part in our commitment to provide you with the best service possible.

When it comes to getting an oil change, many customers feel more comfortable going somewhere where they know the dealer will do a great job. Subaru of Lethbridge provides quick lube oil and filter services for our customers. You don't have to purchase a car from our dealership in order to get your vehicle serviced here.

We offer the recommended transmission oil change services to any new and current customer in the Lethbridge area. In addition to oil change services, we also offer tire rotation, brake service, and more.


No appointment necessary! If you wish to make an appointment, just follow the form above, but if you're on the road now, just drop in.
Synthetic oil helps provides longevity and just better performance for your vehicle. It bonds to engine parts providing a layer of protection that surpasses the protection afforded by conventional oil. Synthetic oil will also continue to pump through your engine when conventional oil would start to thicken in cold temperatures or break down from heat. Synthetic oil is especially recommended for vehicles that are driven in cold climates – it will help you start your engine when the temperature drops to -40°C. It is also good for high-stress situations, such as pulling and towing. Remember, you can always switch back to conventional oil after using synthetic oil