MSRP starting at: $27,995


205 HP
@ 7,000 RPM




196 L


Rear View Cam (Standard)


17-inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels
LED Headlights and Accent Lighting


Turns heads, carves corners


In the development stage, every aspect of the Subaru BRZ was analyzed, engineered and designed to be as aerodynamic and lightweight as possible, and to produce the lowest possible centre of gravity. Resculpted to be even more aggressive for the new model year, the BRZ features new LED lights, bumpers, and rear spoiler. In the world of authentic sports cars, this is a model of style and substance.

interior BRZ

The refreshed Subaru BRZ cabin is designed for maximum driver engagement and enjoyment. The controls are positioned for fast access, the new leather steering wheel is designed for maximum grip, the sport seats are molded for superior support and the gauges promote instant recognition. The interior also features high-grade fabrics and accents, a wealth of multimedia features, and the added versatility of a flat-folding rear seat and generous trunk.

From the very start, Subaru has focused on engineering vehicles that offer superior levels of safety and security through the use of the most advanced safety systems available. This dedication has allowed vehicles such as the Subaru BRZ the ability to strike the perfect balance between performance and safety, generating confidence on every type of road, under all possible conditions and at all times.

safety brz

Superb agility, superior visibility, powerful braking and class-leading driver support systems: These are the elements that comprise the active safety solution for the Subaru BRZ and provide the tools needed to avoid an accident at all cost.

  • Rearview Camera
  • Multi-mode Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Braking Systems
  • Next-generation Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame
  • Whiplash-reducing Front Seats
  • Break-away Engine

When the engineers at Subaru first conceived of the BRZ, they began with a clean sheet of paper. The objective: to create a lightweight sports coupe with perfect balance, precise handling, quick steering, a comfortable ride and one of the lowest centres of gravity of any production vehicle in the world. Mission accomplished — the Subaru BRZ offers an unrivalled connection linking the driver to the car and the car to the road.

Built BRZ

Why Subaru of Lethbridge?

Subaru models sell themselves. What we provide is an enjoyable buying experience to customers coming from all over Alberta and beyond.


7hr Drive To Best Subaru People” – N.Andrews

I have recently purchased a lightly used 2013 BRZ through Subaru Of Lethbridge, now being that I live in Cold Lake, AB (7hrs drive), the drive alone tells you the pleasure I had speaking with these two over the phone or by email. Mainly dealing with two folks Johnny Vo and Jared Ford, talking with these two you can sense the passion they have for what they do.. They are there to make you smile, joke around, and made my first new car buying experience a blast. Yes this is a dealership, but to me I witnessed more than a dealership I was involved with a Family. They are not afraid to joke around, to make the experience that more enjoyable, they are there to sell a vehicle yes, but they are mainly there for you, to make your experience the best they can make it. You enter with a smile and leave with a smile.