Subaru of Lethbridge Outback 2019 Loyalty Special
As a Subaru of Lethbridge Customer who currently owns an Outback, we have a special loyalty promotion just for you!

If you haven’t already heard, Subaru is releasing an all new 2020 Outback this fall and the way the new model has been explained to me is that the exterior is evolutionary and the interior is revolutionary. Also, Subaru has decided to go away from the 6 cylinder engine and replace it with a 4 cylinder turbo, the horsepower will be similar but it will be a completely different driving experience.

We are all very excited about the new model but also a bit sad because this current generation has been outstanding. Since you are already a Subaru owner we are offering a $1,000 loyalty credit on all 2019 Outback purchases. We have a great selection of 4 and 6 cylinder models in stock, most of which are equipped with Eyesight Technology! Call or come in soon for further details.

Get your $1000.00 Loyalty Bonus today!