JDM and RHD Policy

Japanese Domestic Market and Right Hand Drive Repair Policy

Important: Please take the time to reviews this policy completely to understand how Subaru of Lethbridge may assist you with your JDM vehicle.

We are as passionate about your Subaru as you are. It is our desire to assist customer’s in any way possible.

Unfortunately, Japanese Domestic Market vehicles continue to be out of reach for repair through the dealership. Subaru Canada cannot warranty any JDM parts due to strict testing guidelines regardless of carry over between engine displacements or engine codes.

Because of this:
JDM vehicle repairs will be considered on a case by case basis, after consulting with Subaru of Lethbridge

JDM Parts and repairs will be considered using the following Guidelines:
  • Parts or Parts Numbers will be supplied by the customer before time of repair.
  • Any Special Order Parts (SOP) for JDM vehicles will be considered non-returnable
  • The fitment of parts cannot be guarenteed at time of installation.
  • Any labour incurred during the approved repair of a JDM vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the customer regardless of parts fitment and subsequent operation of supplied or ordered parts.
  • Labour estimates will be provided on a case by case basis and are to be considered an estimate only as additional hours may be required to complete the repair.
Customer Supplied Parts / Part Numbers
  • Full Prepaid – Non-returnable order or sale
  • Fitment of parts are unable to be guarenteed
  • Labour to be charged at the flat rate of technicians time to complete repair.